Monday, April 21, 2014

Check her out :)

One of the most talented artists ever ! 
Check her channel .. You won't regret it 
Alison wilburn

Easter nails ! <3


1. Apply 2 coats of dark blue polish. Let it dry.
2. Use gold striping tape to create a crisscross pattern on each nail.
3. Position the studs and secure them with a clear top coat.
4. Apply 2-3 layers of fast drying top coat to finish your manicure.

Used: Revlon Top Speed 730 Royal, gold striping tape and studs 

Hope you liked it ..

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter makeup bag ! <3

My makeup bag : 

It's from Oilily .. I got it 2 years ago :)

What's inside : 
 I'm trying to keep it simple as possible :)

What about you ? 
Please comment down below what is in your makeup bag for easter :)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

My new obsession ! ❤️🙈

That s right, The Body Shop's White Musk smokey Rose line ... Amazzzzing .. i can't get over how perfect it smells .. My scent .. Me in a bottle :D 
White Musk Smoky Rose EDT ($17.50) is the new and alluring scent from the White Musk collection. Featuring vibrant top notes, warm heart notes and seductive base notes this fragrance is sure to surprise you in more ways than one. This long lasting EDT will stay on the skin for up to 8 hours, to ensure that you will always smell seductive, no matter the time.
  • Top Notes - Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant
  • Heart Notes - Smoky Rose Accord, Tobacco Accord, Orange Flower
  • Base Notes -  Sensual Musks, Immortelle Flower, Olibanum
This fragrance still maintains the deepness that I am accustomed to with the White Musk scent, but the addition of the Smoky Rose makes it very comforting and adds an unexpected brightness. This is a seriously sensual scent, so don't expect the typical "grandma" rose scent when you first smell it. This fragrance is for the risk-taker, the girl who likes the subtle scent of tobacco and isn't afraid to turn heads. Hands down my favourite fragrance from The Body Shop.

YSL glossy stains ❤️👍

I'm back :)
Without further rambling .. Let's get started with the review :)

The packing :The packaging feels out of the space luxurious !! black and gold screw on cap with the brand logo in red. OMG <3 
The Glossy stains come with a special doe foot applicator - flat and pointy, and also very flexible -, that allows perfect application and control even on the lip line or the Cupid’s bow.
The applicator has enough give and it’s quite easy to scrape the sides of the vial, so no waste of product in sight.

The product : 

The scent is the usual amazing, rose-y scent that all YSL lip products have, that reminds me a lot of Parisiènne eau de toilette. It lingers on the lips for a while, then it starts to softly fade after a couple of hours.

The texture is different from anything else I’ve ever tried: it’s light and thin and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It’s actually quite comfortable to wear, moisturizing in a way, and lacks of all the unpleasant features of a stain, especially the slight stretch and the awful dryness that makes every little dry patch look ten times worse. The product doesn’t move towards fine lines or collect into the creases like too creamy glosses often do.
The gloss lasts 3 to 4 hours without eating and drinking carefully, then it gently wears off to reveal the stain underneath.
The stain it’s not completely matte and is pretty much everlasting with a little bit of fading in the middle of the lips.

When I wear it I get tons of comments on my lips :) even from strangers .. Weird but I don't care :) 

Price :YSL Glossy stains retail for 27.50€/22.50£/32$ for 0.20 oz/6 ml and can be found online and in stores, at Sephora’s and every YSL suppliers, but keep in mind that some shades are exclusive to Sephora or some retailers like Nordstrom.

If you can afford the splurge, these are totally worthy: if I could buy only one product from the spring collections it would be one of these stains, that’s how good they are.

Have you tried it? Is there any shade that caught your attention?