Products that I regret buying >.<

 Hey lovelies.
Welcome to my Blog ,
so this page will be continually updated for all the products that I didn't like or didn't work well for me .,,

1-Nivea Foundation ..

what I don't like about that product ,
first the smell , it has this weird smell ,I don't know if this was just mine or all of them are like this .
second ,Even though I asked the makeup artist at the nivea counter to help me to choose the right shade for me some how I got a shade that didn't suit me at all !!
when I applied it to my skin ,I could feel it and not as it is being described as light weight foundation !!
over all, I'm really disappointed with this product 
let me know what you think about it ...


2-Sephora Dry Shampoo

let me begin by saying I was really disappointed with this dry shampoo.
It did nothing to my hair ..NOTHING ! 
well,let me be honest about one point it does have a good smell ,,but when it comes to being a dry shampoo , It is really useless :S

so tell me what do you think about that product ?



  1. I totally agree!! I tried this out and my friends were like >.< "what are you wearing!?!" I laughed and took it off and walked about with a red face for the rest of the day! Thanks for following my blog and I have changed the title - also, thanks for pointing that out hun! I love your blog it is amazing!!! Will do a shout out for you on mine!! XX

    1. yeaa ..I really hate how it turned on my face too !
      Awww ..that would be very sweet of you ..
      thank you xx