Friday, November 29, 2013

urban decay NAKED 3 GIVEAWAY !


1-must be a follower to my blog
2-comment below and tell me who is the one person who affected you life and how ..
3-the giveaway is open till the 27th of December

good luck everybody


  1. The Person, or should I say people who have affected my life the most has been
    a whole range of people who live in Tanzania. My Dad went out to do a work party there and build orphanages and the people out there are just amazing, they have so little have to walk up to 10 miles a day just for some dirty water, some of them suffer from aids and their parents have died from aids yet they still take each day on with a smile and I do not know how they do it, I ask for so much and I look over magazines where you see people wearing £3000 dressed and still ask for more but these people are always so happy and welcoming. It made me relies that I have been very greedy in with what I want (but do not get) and still when people get they then go on to ask for more. They have affected my life so much and I have now my name down for several trips in a few years time to go out and build houses and help as much as I can there. :) xxx

  2. Hello. the person who affected me most in my life is my husband. he was my teacher for 5 years before we let on about our feelings to each other. as a teacher, he made me excel in the subjects he taught me , and as a husband, he continued to watch over me as his student, teaching me about the values of life and how to deal with the world.

  3. The person who changed my life the most is my mother. I feel like a parent is an obvious choice for a "life-changer" but my mother has always done anything and everything to make me happy. She works long, hard hours just to make sure she's around for me and my brother and is always patient and kind. I truly do not know how I could ever live without her!

  4. The person who affected my life the most is my 4-year old son. He makes me enjoy all the little things in life every single day and has made me realize that the most important thing in life is unconditional love.

    Thank you for the giveaway xx

  5. my mom is truly my inspiration. when i was at my lowest point ever and had made a mess of my life, she was there to support me, never criticized me, just helped me up, back on my feet, and has made sure that no matter why, my girls and i are always taken care of, no matter how badly i may be struggling to make ends meet. i honestly don't think i would have survived everything if she hadn't been there, holding me up. she showed me the most important thing about being a parent & i do my best to be that kind of a mom to my girls too!

  6. My grandfather affected me a lot. He was a pilot in the war and not only he survived but he also saved a lot of people's lives who were in danger. He was a great motivational speaker and he travelled the world. Around this time of the year I miss him the most.