Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review :Bourjois bronzing powder 52 ♡

What I love about it :

 Cute packaging
Sheer powder – makes it easy to use
Buildable color intensity
Blends easily 
Matte finish with sparse minute gold shimmer
good price 

What I hate about it : 

Staying power, barely 6 hours and May be discontinued

In conclusion, not only is it the most inexpensive bronzer I have ever used but it is probably the BEST. Yes, I said it, the best bronzer I have ever used! I am going to go and pick a few more up just in case they sell out of stop producing them and I suggest you do to. The smell, the finish and the colour are simply wonderful. 

Hope that was helpful,


  1. This darn bronzer! Every time I go to pick it up its ALWAYS sold out loool, this review is great and just reminds me of all the reasons I need it! x

    1. Actually I got it as a gift so I didn't have to bother going searching for it .lol :D good luck in finding it next time you go shopping xx